Hey there, my name is Jay Stearley (M.B.A., M.A.).

For over 20 years I have worked in the secular marketplace and non-profits as an executive, a developer, and communicator both in the United States of America and abroad. Today, I boost others’ success as an educator, consultant, and philanthropist.

I’ve had the honor to work beside spectacular people and accomplish many things. It never gets old to see a smile on someone’s face, a team breakthrough, a community changed, accolades given, or a vision lived.

// Sample of organizations I’ve worked with //

I’ve been told that I bring “another engine”, “solutions”, “energy”, and “heart” to matters. This means a lot to me as my aim is threefold. First, encourage the individual. Second, curate synergistic partnerships. Third, get things done. The services I deliver are attained through resiliency, education, talent, and a vast network. [Life Snapshot]

The outdoors are a passion. They provide purity, challenge, and wellness. They are a powerful place to connect with others and are vital for the wellbeing of communities. Mountain sports are my expertise, such as climbing, skiing, and biking. You’ll also find me dirt biking, surfing, and golfing. I played Division I tennis in college, but gave it up after being hit by a car in 2016 (story).

Contact Information

Email: jay@upwardsforward.com

Phone: ‪(775) 434-8255‬

LinkedIn: Jay Stearley