Hey there, my name is Jay Stearley (M.B.A., M.A.). My life is devoted to helping people move upwards and forward.

For over 20 years I have worked as an executive, developer, and communicator. It is an honor to work beside spectacular people and to accomplish many things. It never gets old to see a smile on someone’s face, people breakthrough, accolades given, or a vision lived.

I’ve been told that I bring “another engine”, “solutions”, “energy”, “creativity”, and “heart” to matters.

The outdoors are a passion of mine. They provide purity, challenge, and wellness. Mountain sports are my expertise, such as climbing, mountain biking and skiing. You’ll also find me golfing, dirt biking and surfing. I played Division I tennis in college, but gave it up after being hit by a car in 2016 (story).

Where do you desire to go, and how can I boost you?

Contact Information

Email: jay@upwardsforward.com

Phone: ‪(775) 434-8255‬

LinkedIn: Jay Stearley

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