Bloom: Growing Money, People, and Ministry provides a biblical foundation and practical solutions to challenges every ministry faces. It expands the conversation of generosity to its multiplier– stewardship. This book will help readers to increase resources, connect people, save time, unify leadership, build a plan, and mature disciples. Bloom includes many helpful appendixes, even a four-part sermon series.

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“Jay’s approach to Biblical stewardship is profoundly practical. Bloom has helped me focus on attainable action steps to grow our church’s stewardship. I’m sold! I can’t want to take the ideas in this book to my team and start engaging our congregation in such practical, and helpful ways.”
Adam Hawkey, Executive Minister, Community Christian Church, MD

Jay a former executive pastor has done what everybody needs in his book Bloom. He has boiled down the essentials of operating a church to the key ideas.”
– Gil Stielgitz, Discipleship Pastor at Bayside Church, CA

This new book by Jay is full of simple principles and useful checklists that can help churches and their members become better stewards of the resources we’ve been given.”
– Bret L. Simmons, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Management University of Nevada

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