TOOL /to͞ol/: a device or implement, especially one held in the hand, used to carry out a particular function.

This specialized toolbox applied with skill is proven to help others thrive. It is focussed on building healthy cultures, executing strategy, and maximizing growth.

Begin: Keeping it Simple. Keeping it Real.
Bloom: Growing Money, People, and Ministry

Stratop Strategic Planning Process
Leader Succession and Transition
First 90-Day: Helping New Staff Thrive
IMPROVleadership: Competencies for Leaders to Lead Remarkably
Stewardship: Generosity, Strategic Budgeting, Resourcing
Impact Reviews: leader development, culture, and follow-through
DNA: Clarity on What Sets You Apart and Defines Culture
Money Workshop: Helping Leaders and People Steward their Resources
Life Coaching
Forward Four
Rooted Experience

Connection Pathways
Communications Strategy
New Hire Best Practices
Impact Review Worksheet
Gut Check
Deeper Discipleship Curriculum
Crucial Conversations Handout
Doctrine Exam

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