TOOL /to͞ol/: a device or implement, especially one held in the hand, used to carry out a particular function.

Our team’s specialized toolbox and skill are proven to help others thrive. It is focussed on building healthy cultures, executing strategy, and maximizing growth.

Begin: Keeping it Simple. Keeping it Real.
Money, People, and Ministry: The Way of Stewardship (Coming 2020)
Trauma Trip: Thriving Through Trauma
(In progress)

Stratop Strategic Planning Process
Leader Succession and Transition
First 90-Day: Helping New Staff Thrive
IMPROVleadership: Competencies for Leaders to Lead Remarkably
Stewardship: Generosity, Strategic Budgeting, Resourcing
Impact Reviews: leader development, culture, and follow-through
DNA: Clarity on What Sets You Apart and Defines Culture
Money Workshop: Helping Leaders and People Steward their Resources
Life Coaching
Forward Four
Rooted Experience

Connection Pathways
Communications Strategy
New Hire Best Practices
Impact Review Worksheet
Gut Check
Deeper: A Discipleship Journey
Crucial Conversations Handout
Doctrine Exam

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