My Rock and Roll Years

“Everything in the house is shaking!” my fiancé said. “Not sure it’s loud enough,” she said tongue-in-cheek.

Our bass player had just bought a new Ampeg bass amp.  And that five string bass guitar – sweet and deep.  We were rehearsing for a line-up of shows including Brew Brothers in the El Dorado (Reno, NV).

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Nine years ago this month Aisle Seven decide to shut it down.  After five years together, two records, many shows  throughout the West and Southwest U.S. – it was time.

I had a blast! Some memories are:

  • Sneaking our underage bass player(s) and B’s baby into clubs
  • Eating late into night at the Frontier in ABQ on tour with bands like Edison Glass
  • Playing the Huntington Beach Brewery
  • Traveling to Nashville for a showcase event
  • Laughing our guts out and thick tension during rehearsals
  • Making lifetime friends – couldn’t have done it without you

Full Documentary Footage

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