A New Book for You and My Daughter

By Jay Stearley

Becoming a father changes many things. And I wish to be a good one. Part of this means to pass down stories and the good news of Jesus to my daughter. I knew much of this would happen throughout life with her, but what if I die before she ages?


Therefore, several years ago when I ruptured my plantar fascia skiing and was layed-up, I began to write a book for her and one that others could use too. I was also growing tired of recommending a stack of books on individual topics to people, and also hearing feedback from younger people that many of the faith’s classics are written in language that does not resonate with them.

This summer I finished Begin: Keeping It Simple. Keeping It Real. rehabbing from the motorcycle accidentBegin explains foundational truths, experiences, and practices of being a Christ-follower with modern language and a concise style. It also includes a Four-Session experience for groups.

I pray that Begin brings people face to face with God and helps them move forward in life and faith.

Available in print or eBook: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/BeginKSKR

Visit the Begin page for more, including videos.

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