Raped and Locked-up

Nate lives in your city.  His elbows are weeping puss from dragging himself around.  His legs are crippled from abuse and neglect.  His psyche is battered and confused.  His body is weak from malnutrition.

Nate has been raped repeatedly and has been locked up in a closet.  This is where social services found him.  He now lives in your county’s children’s shelter (ex. Washoe County, NV).  Its workers are trying to provide him with safety, food, tender love, physical and behavioral therapy.

Nate needs all the care he can get.  This looks like friendship.  It looks like reading a book with him.  It looks like helping him move around the room.  It looks like simply sitting with him on the floor.  It is your physical presence.il_fullxfull-513170807_cy64

So what are you waiting for?  When will you be there for him?

Is going to the gym more important?  Do you have one more sale to make at work?  Is a new movie out?  Are you uncomfortable and don’t think you’re qualified?  Is the drive across town inconvenient?  Is it easier to send a check and expect someone else to give him the love that he really needs?  (I’ve wrestled with each of these.)

I think we need to get over it. Go. Do what it takes.

Don’t think others are taking care of it, ’cause they are not.  My county of over 440,000 people had five regular volunteers serving this population in 2015.

Nate is waiting for you!


  • Though the name is false, this example is 100% real and true.  Nate is a beautiful child.  He is now living with foster parents.  I miss him.  I will never forget.
  • By the time you’ve read this short blog, four child abuse reports have been made (source: https://www.childhelp.org/child-abuse-statistics/ )
  • If you feel a burden for another population, run to them (i.e. elderly, disabled, relocated, etc.).
  • Luke 4:14-19

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