7 Observations About Change

resistanceI try to love change.  Doing so opens the world to new experiences and opportunities.

It is not always easy.  And there is certainly a progression of emotions, thought and action one has to go through.


The following is from an Active Network publication by Eric Soon titled “Return On Ministry”.  I find these seven observations insightful.

  1. Change is a process, not an event
  2. The goal is not to innovate the most
  3. It is not enough to have the best idea
  4. Appreciate the dip (be understanding with anxiety, fear, hurt, etc.)
  5. You need to redefine the resistance
  6. Re-culturing is the name of the game
  7. Relate, repeat, reframe

What observations might you add to the list?

Originally posted March 20, 2014, on StraightTalk.com

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