New Stats Beg New Approaches

Has God changed . . . His attributes, call, or the gospel? Never! Then why is the following happening in Protestant churches in the U.S. and what does it mean for us as pastors? (Source: LifeWay Research, April 2019.) 6 in 10 are plateaued or declining in attendance. Almost half (46 percent) say their giving decreased or stayed the same from…

Supervisor of Stoke

Meet Tyler . . . a.k.a. “Supervisor of Stoke!” Do you and your team make people feel important . . . even to the point of removing peoples’ skis for them?

Can You Solve This?

I can’t remember exactly when I first saw this, but I was in middle school. The puzzle stumped me for the longest time because I put invisible restraints on the solution; I was unable to “think outside the box.” Can you? Does your team?  

Every Challenge Has Layers

My daughter’s birthday was on Saturday. Her mom made an incredible two-layer cake decorated with a wild animal scene – yummmm! Snow doesn’t taste nearly as good, especially this heap. Yet we can learn from both. Enjoy.

Stoke In Jackson Hole

Between the AC/DC and Beastie Boys thumping out of the speakers, and the “Don’t go!” echo from the tram’s crowd, Jackson Hole, WY has STOKE! That is, extraordinary contagious positive passion. And you!? How about your workplace!? How about the places you frequent!? Sure, there’s something about over 4K feet of elevation drop with cliff…