Introducing Upwards Forward

It was mid-December and the first sunny day in weeks. I had been excitedly waiting for a complimentary day to ride my motorcycle to work. The mountains glowed with fresh white snow. The streets were finally dry. The 16 degree Fahrenheit air felt invigorating as it moved past my body. It was absolutely beautiful!

And then . . . *%&*@$*#!

In an instant, that wonderful motorcycle ride came to a violent end. I was rear-ended by a Dodge four-door sedan traveling at 50-60 miles per hour. I was launched into the air, then violently bumped and skidded some 60 feet along the paved street.  

I do not remember much about those horrific seconds that haunt and impact me to this day. About all I do remember is thinking, “That sound is not right; something’s wrong.

“Not again . . . Fall well, don’t fight it! . . . Oh, my helmet feels soft . . . It’s doing its job scraping the road . . . Am I alive? Can I move?”

Four compressed vertebrae fractures, right-hand fractures, a traumatic brain injury, and ample lower back and knee “road rash” (cuts and scrapes) were my injuries.  

Nearly eight month’s later, after many physician visits, hundreds of hours of therapy, rest, and patient love from people close to me, I am getting back to a more normal life and launching this website. (PT/OT Notes)

As I’ve had to work to move upwards and forwards from the accident, I aim to help others do the same in their lives and organizations, whatever their reality.

The Upwards Forward website exists to help and inspire.

  • Read articles
  • Download resources
  • Discover phenomenal organizations
  • Hear powerful stories
  • Find web links
  • Ask questions

Share your own stories and ideas on the Facebook Upwards Forward page (@UpwardsForward) – it take’s all of us to move forward!


One response to “Introducing Upwards Forward”

  1. Dear Jay,
    I can see Gods hand on you and how you are using this experience to further Gods kingdom. My prayers are with you all.
    Love and a gentle hug🤗


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