The Ultimate Guide

Many people guide our lives.

My parents showed me how to love.  Teachers showed me how to think.  Mentors showed me how to put it all together for life.

People I have never known have taught me much as well.  Take Sun Tzu for instance, the author of the 5th-century Chinese military treatise, The Art of War.  He showed me how to think strategically.  Another is Lewis Sperry Chafer, a 20th-century theologian, and author of He That Is Spiritual.  He showed me how to be an ever spiritual person.

220px-h_agia_triada_moni_vatopediou_agion_orosBut the person who shows me things every day is the Holy Spirit.  He is the ultimate guide.

Lead Pastor of Grace Church (Reno), Dan Frank, says it this way, “Let God disciple you.”  How true this is!  (Hear six dimensions of the Holy Spirit in Dan’s sermon here)

We often look to so many other sources and people, yet God is the best.  Decrease the noise and stimulus around you, and focus on following His lead.

Who do you listen to?

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