War and Peace

My wife Danielle and I have a rule about not talking about work in our bedroom.  But she broke the rule the other night . . . and when I was just about asleep . . . not really, I was streaming the latest surf competition! "Jay," she exclaimed.  "'Crucial conversations aren't new! They're right here in War... Continue Reading →

The Four C’s of Connection

The Four C’s of Connection in Church Planting and Every Collaborative Effort By Nathan “Chivo” Hawkins, Stadia West Regional Executive, @ChivoHawkins Collaboration is a buzz word.  Cooperation is all the rage, especially among millennials, it can be fun, it is necessary to get certain things done, especially in the Church Planting world. Rarely is this exciting and... Continue Reading →

Wet Underwear and Leadership

They were saturated down to their underwear. The temperature was below freezing. It was midnight near 11,000 feet elevation on the upper headwall of Fitz Roy, and they were "venturing (up) into this waterfall," said Tommy Caldwell. "The rope was frozen solid, all my cams (safety gear) wouldn't work anymore (frozen by water), and I... Continue Reading →

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