Just Say Yes to Help

Nancy Matossian, Slingshot Group Associate shares why saying “yes” is important.

Women in Leadership

I asked these two great leaders about women in leadership and any challenges they’ve faced. Here are a few of their thoughts . . .

#WorkJoy on the Tarmac

At Slingshot Group we care about joy at work and do all we can to help make it a reality. And we love hearing how others feel about it too!

“D” to Passion

How Getting a “D” Helped Me Pursue United Local Missions By Milan Homola, Executive Director & Co-Founder Compassion Connect I really enjoy the study of history.  The root of that enjoyment can be traced back to a motivational moment.  I was in 7th grade and I was getting a “D”  in Mr. Dierson’s history class.  Mr….

CCPC Managment

By Jim Milstead Retired John Deere Executive and Humble Leader There are three things I try to do to help others move forward. My slant here will be more towards the development of people and that requires a fall back to my experience in the secular world. I found over time that there are these three…

The Four C’s of Connection

The Four C’s of Connection in Church Planting and Every Collaborative Effort By Nathan “Chivo” Hawkins, Stadia West Regional Executive, @ChivoHawkins Collaboration is a buzz word.  Cooperation is all the rage, especially among millennials, it can be fun, it is necessary to get certain things done, especially in the Church Planting world. Rarely is this exciting and…