David Wise Road to Gold

David Wise is, and has been, the best halfpipe skier in the world . . . ever! A second gold medal at this year’s Olympics solidifies his legend. He is the Shaun White of halfpipe skiing, the Lindsay Vonn, the Bode Miller . . . you get the point.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 7.09.29 AM
Ski accomplishments prior to this year’s season.

David’s second road to gold was anything but easy – concussions, snapping a broken nose back into place, persevering through his worst two competition seasons ever, being dropped by sponsors just months before these Olympics including essential gear like ski’s, helmets and optics, and plenty more.


Through it all, he did it with class, character, and faithfulness – to himself, his family, friends, and God.

Here a few insights I have learned from David along the road to gold:

  • Honesty, loyalty, purity, and selflessness matter
  • It’s better to innovate and push oneself than play it safe and maintain
  • There’s more to life than skiing or whatever it is you “do”
  • Be strategic in all areas of life
  • Disciplined preparation makes for achievement
  • Showing respect, honor, and passion for your spouse in paramount
  • Be gracious while being honestly direct with working through difficult circumstances or conversations
  • You can’t dwell on past mistakes, no matter how recent . . . you have to stay in the moment and trust your preparation

Congrats Wise family – you ALL did it!

See you back home after work, where nobody else is, out in our Nevada wilderness.

My thanks and a shout out to all of David’s sponsors and supporters.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 9.13.08 AM

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