What Is Your Motivation Wall?



Sometimes we all need a little extra motivation.

Typically it’s about money – work harder, longer, and smarter.

Or to stay alive – eat healthy, exercise, and take the minimal risk.

“Most folks would benefit from these activities but post-TBI they are particularly vital because they engage functions and skills that have been injured,” says Madeleine Sayko, co-founder of Cognitive Compass, a US-based company that assists people post-TBI to thrive in the workplace. “The tendency for many with TBI is to withdraw which does not stimulate cognitive ability.”

For me it, it was and is about a little of both. This is the motivation wall (a.k.a. climbable art for my HOA’s) I built in my living room (I have a cool wife!) after being blown up by a car. It provides mental and physical healing for me and my family. And preps us for assaults of mountains and life to come!

How do you stay fit in every way, heart, soul, mind, and strength for life? Remember Deuteronomy 6:4-9.

What stokes your motivation – https://twitter.com/jaystearley?

Take a step forward, few, if any, will do it for you.

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