7 Steps to Public Speaking

I had the opportunity to preach at Mountainside Community Church in Reno, NV this past Sunday. Preaching is the art of publicly communicating the heart and truth of God.

Afterward, I was asked how I prepare.

This is my process to prepare for a sermon, and can be adapted for any public speaking:

  1. Listening prayer: hours of being sensitive to the Holy Spirit
  2. Bible passage reflection: reading, charting, and studying
  3. Outline: building the order and flow of the message
  4. Metaphor cementing: adding memorable illustrations (Metaphor Cementing is part of IMPROVleadership as presented by Slingshot Group)
  5. Delivery preparation: run-throughs, prayer, physical refreshment
  6. Delivery : focused, confident, and sensing communication
  7. Thanksgiving: surrender, evaluation, and joy

It is good to have both a digital and old-school print version of speaking notes should power or electronics fail.

Here are my handwritten notes.

IMG_3516 IMG_3517

Have a listen.

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