10 Covid-19 Ministry Expressions

Ministries around the globe are instituting creative ways to thrive during this unprecedented time. Here are ten examples:

  1. Live-streaming daily devotionals and encouragement
  2. Continuing small groups gatherings using video meeting platforms
  3. Being coordinators of helping people in need
  4. Making digital giving easier and more prevalent
  5. Transferring energy into relationships versus production
  6. Developing and commissioning lay leaders to be the church in their unique neighborhoods
  7. Encouraging people to dedicate increased time to spiritual formation
  8. Randomly sharing resources, supplies, and food with their neighbors
  9. Hosting live prayer-times online
  10. Providing at-home activity ideas and lessons for children and caregivers

One response to “10 Covid-19 Ministry Expressions”

  1. Good stuff Jay.
    Appreciate you thinking about us and serving us pastors


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