Don’t Do A Capital Campaign!

Whatever you do, don’t dive into a capital campaign!

Begin with the wound, not a band-aid. (Ouch. It hurts when you rip one off, doesn’t it?)

There is a better way . . . the way of the Master. Live it. Talk about it. Be it. The Gospel.

Be a follower and leader who resembles Jesus. One who shows grace. One who eats on the Sabbath. One who pays for the injured’s lodge. One who gives their life away.

Develop a culture where Christ-likeness is lived and propagated:

  • Be intentional about calling people to their identities.
  • Show people what really matters.
  • Cast tangible vision and impact.
  • Be intentional to disciple people.
  • Help people to communicate.

Campaigns are not bad. Yet often we look only to them to solve our challenges. There are earlier and foundational steps; there are holistic ways to tackle financial challenges:

  • Is your budget accountable?
  • Is your culture generous?
  • Is your heart pure?
  • Is your spiritual formation plan comprehensive?
  • Is your vision sustainable?
  • Is your budget strategic?
  • Is your information correct?

Who will you be, and what will you do, to move upwards and forward?

Let’s talk.

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