Connecting People to Your Organization

People connect to organizations for many more reasons than simply a product and location. Granted, these are large factors, but not the end-all. It is therefore important to consider what else contributes to connecting people long-term, build a system to accomplish this, and take action.

Systems are intentional pathways and processes for connecting people. Here are eight steps to consider:

1. Target(s) must be defined

  • What is the mission?
  • What are the desired end-results?
  • Consider your present and desired REACH (age, neighborhood(s), etc.)
  • Examples: Contact information? People to attend small groups? 

2. Simplicity & Clarity are Essential

  • Too many steps and options are confusing to guests AND “insiders” like staff and attendees
  • A common mistake is asking too much from people at the beginning
  • Make it easy and quick to sign-up; don’t have a lot of steps

3. Strategic Shifts  are  Often  Needed

  • Vocabulary and heart (people are not visitors but rather guests)
  • Organizational structure and assignments
  • Communications
  • Programming tweaks

4. “Relationship” is the Secret Sauce

  • Are you promoting relationship or classes?
  • Do your environments and experiences foster relationship?
  • Do your people understand how to develop relationships?

5. Think Virtual to Personal

  • People come to you from many different places and stations
    (Connection Pathway’s Worksheet)
  • People experience you before they are in-person
  • Have connection points along the way

6. Amuse-Buche NOT Buffet (blog)

  • Specific deliverables up-front
  • Lead people

7. Lead with Three

  • Keep it simple
  • Keep it clear
  • Trust the process

8. Guest Connection Essentials

  • Vocabulary Matters
  • Experience Trumps Information
  • Think Virtual to Personal
  • Build the Right Team
  • Pursue
  • Follow-through
  • Track people

I covered this material on a recent webinar beginning at 9 Min. 30 Sec.. Watch it here (

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