Falling Up from Near Death

Four years and two days ago I almost died from being hit by a car. I fell hard, literally. Among some of my injuries were a traumatic brain injury along with PTSD.

My team at Symmetry Financial Group is reading The Happiness Advantage by Achor. Principle #4 is Falling Up and it home as a section from this chapter is titled Post-Traumatic Growth.

“Success is about more than simple resilience,” Achor writes. “It’s about using that downward momentum to propel ourselves in the opposite direction.  It’s about capitalizing on setbacks and adversity to become even happier, even more motivated, and even more successful.  It’s not falling down, it’s falling up.”

We will all be faced with adversity and challenges. We can harness them towards destruction or rebirth. I choose and recommend the later. If you need help and inspiration (or a friend), let’s chat and/or be that lifter-upper!

Upwards and forward.

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