Lapsed Donors Are Talking To You

Art by Mister E.

People that have stopped supporting your organization financially are sending you a message. The quicker you listen to the message the better off those people and your organization will be.


  • Do you know who these people are?
  • Do you have a way to understand what message they’re trying to tell you?
  • Are you ok with losing these people and the investments in your organization?

People lapse in financial support for many reasons: they hated your sermon, your product is lame, they were diagnosed with cancer, they lost their job, etc. We need to not jump to conclusions and instead, truly listen to what each person has to say so we can serve them appropriately.

If you would like a direct and simple way to tackle these challenges without having to spend hours of CSV file manipulation and query sorting, MortarStone may be the right tool for you. It is a powerful data analytics resource that can help you interpret information, provide you with lapsed donor reports and much, much more.

The people you serve and organization are too important. Don’t miss the message. You have an opportunity.

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