Happy Smashiversary

“Happy Smashiversary,” my beautiful wife greeted me yesterday.

It was a rough time being broken in almost every way not being able to carry my daughter up the stairs, nor to complete a full sentence (accident recount). It took six months to somewhat comprehend how messed up I was.

Three years to-the-day later I celebrated with sending steep lines and an evening with my family – it’s good to be back! (wasn’t easy).

I still live with “limps” and most likely always will, yet these remind me of the goodness of the Lord and my dependency on him. What evil meant for harm God redeemed.

You may not have been blown-up by a four-door sedan, yet my guess is that you too have experienced a traumatic event(s) in your life. If so, please seek out and receive the help you need. And know that you’re not alone in your recovery.

Upwards and forward together.

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