Callings Personify Mission

It is rare that I speak with a leader who can clearly define the difference between vision and mission.

It is rare that the same leader can then define where the uniqueness’ of their vision and mission are.

This is a problem. Not knowing these will thwart success.

How many times have you visited a church’s website and seen something like “Love God. Love People,” or “Authenticity and community.” These elements are correct. They are our core as Jesus-followers. Yet they do not fully capture the awe-inspiring uniqueness that the leader, nor the organizations they serve, have.

Perhaps the more important word to consider is “calling.” I actually used to discount and question the usage of this word. It seemed so . . . well, ambiguous, individual, unrefined. However, through growth and surrender, I have come to understand how powerful and beautiful “callings” are!

Callings are catalytic movements in our hearts, minds, and souls. They are unique. They are defining. They are empowered by something greater than grit and circumstance. They are vital for us to understand.

Billy Graham had a calling. Martin Luther King Jr. had a calling. Jeff Phillips has a calling ( Steph Davis has a calling (

What is yours? What is your organization’s? Do they align?

When you know your calling and share a calling with others, everyone and everything goes to the next level!

If you do not know your calling, ask a friend or mentor to help you process it. If you need additional help, call us at Slingshot Group. We exist to see everyone thrive!

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