I Almost Died Today

I still can’t fully explain nor remember what it’s like to be bundled 100 feet down a street – bizarre. I can recollect (and live) recovery – onerous.

The event will always be a marker in my families life – one that is guiding and celebrated.

  • Any day could be our last – make it count
  • Love wildly – be extravagant
  • Live our calling – be free
  • Emergencies happen – be prepared
  • Walk with YHWH – be right with God
  • Keep true friends – only a few persevere
  • Slow down – savor life
  • Have daily festivals – add fuel to your heart, soul, mind, and strength
  • Keep fit – curtail injuries
  • Be gracious – always use class and maturity
  • Seek help – have a professional team
  • Repress distractions – be fully present
  • Schedule margin – something will always come up, maybe even a nap

Embracing these brings much joy, passion, health, and pure worship (Romans 12:1-2).

Live the vision.

Which of these points do you need to embrace? Why and how?

Our deepest gratitude to everyone that has held fast and helped early on – today marks 2 years to the minute.



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