One Wheel Is Not Enough



A half-screwed light bulb shines no light.

A bolt with no nut holds nothing long.

A bike locked by one wheel is not safe.

This person’s (photo) joy was smashed despite that everything that was needed for another bike ride was present.

Here are five essential steps to ensure joy. 

  1. Take nothing for granted

    It is easy to think people heard you and understand. Often times they do not, or even worse, they make-up their own interpretation. We need to ask for reflective feedback. Communicate often. Be intentional. Don’t expect others to take care of it.
  2. People do crazy things

    Hot dogs from the kitchen freezer are stolen. Staff ignores people walking by them. Spouses cheat on their significant other. Congregants consume programming instead of active faith in Jesus. Design systems and schedule check-ins to ensure quality and accuracy.
  3. There are no shortcuts

    A baby asperin does not soothe a broken back. Only more powerful medicine, rest, and surgery do. In the same way, we must stay the course and treatment plan. Remain faithful. Be diligent. Pay attention to details.
  4. Success takes full-effort

    Hard work always pays off. Always. We need to model it in our spheres of influence. Expect it from your team. Encourage it with fellow Jesus-followers. Remember who your supreme boss and approver is.
  5. Be resourceful

    MacGyver is back on primetime television. Louis Zamperini survived 47 days adrift in the Pacific ocean and two years as a Japanese prisoner of war. We need to look at our circumstances and employ our resources. Do more with less. Use and reuse. Learn a new skill. Ask and say yes to help.  

Our mission and Kingdom impact are too important to leave to chance.

Lock both wheels and the frame for joy! Otherwise, we’ll be learning to ride a unicycle or taking a hike. Our workplace will have no joy, or worse yet, church building doors will be closing and our gospel witness will be weak.

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