Chess and Success

April 1 leaders and professionals in Reno, NV gathered to share a meal and to positively impact the world.

We know that as we improve, we positively boost our spheres of influence, which in turn boosts our world.

We had a forum on two subjects: success and posture.

We used this chess match as our framework:

We challenged one another, and learned from one another, discussing the following questions:

1) What is needed to succeed?

2) What does a successful posture look like?

3) What is the largest challenge you face today?

4) What are the root issues of this challenge as opposed to the symptoms?

5) What are challenges our local community faces today?

6) What are positive activities happening today, or new initiatives, that are helping our community?

7) What is one action step I can take in each of the following areas of life that will yield positive impacts: personal, friendships, business, community?

Our next luncheon will be May 6 at noon.

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