Stoke In Jackson Hole

Between the AC/DC and Beastie Boys thumping out of the speakers, and the “Don’t go!” echo from the tram’s crowd, Jackson Hole, WY has STOKE! That is, extraordinary contagious positive passion.

And you!? How about your workplace!? How about the places you frequent!?

Sure, there’s something about over 4K feet of elevation drop with cliff bands everywhere that makes your heart race, but we can bring this stoke daily as well, no matter where we find ourselves.

Stoke may look differently in a hospital room compared to an office, or a bar compared to a subway.

The point is we all have the choice to contribute to the tone of our environments.

  • What are you going for?
  • What is your impact?
  • What changes might you need to make?
  • How will you influence the culture around you?
  • Who might you model?

When we fuel our hearts, souls, minds, and strength, our stoke will be high, lasting, and contagious.

  • How are you fueling all four?
  • Where can you bring some stoke? published an article, “8 Sensational Ways to Create a Positive Impact Every Day,” that I find helpful. Here are the eight:

  1. Give more
  2. Smile more
  3. Help others
  4. Send a thank you note
  5. Create more love
  6. Quality time with family
  7. Nurture your business relationships
  8. Surprise someone you love

Let’s be mindful. Let’s be aware. Let’s stoke for the better.

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