How Do You Play Yourself

Instruments make noise. Played well, they inspire. Played poorly, they can enervate.

Two recent inspiring instrument performances were the U.S. Army Herald Trumpets at the NCAA DI Men’s Basketball Championship game this past Monday night, and “Alive” during Easter gatherings at Grace Church. Powerful!

“Alive” proclaimed stirring truths for followers of Jesus such as: “In the midst of the darkest night, let Your love be the shining light; Breaking chains that were holding me, You sent Your Son down and set me free.”

Romans 6:12 speaks to the concept that children of God are instruments. They are to play them skillfully and with care; for their bodies are living sacrifices, dead to sin.

May we play ourselves accordingly – instruments of righteousness, zeal, and love.


* Originally posted April 15, 2015, on

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