5 Entrepreneurial Mistakes to Avoid (Inc.)

Marcel Schwantes, Inc. Contributing Editor and Founder, Leadership from the Core, shares five mistakes entrepreneur’s can’t afford to make from Mari Tautimes book, #KeepGoing: From 15-Year-Old Mom to Successful CEO and Entrepreneur (article):

  1. Being an entrepreneur versus having the entrepreneurial spirit
  2. Wearing too many hats
  3. Complicating the business plan
  4. Hiring the wrong people
  5. Ineffective marketing

I have witnessed #2 a lot. I believe partly due to the fact that limited resources are not used to hire help. And second, because of leader obsessive control.

Marketing has changed dramatically since I studied it in undergraduate school from 1997-2000. Many principles remain the same, yet the tools, global nature, and culture have shifted–and they do so rapidly.

These two “mistakes” can be avoided with a stronger business plan–one that includes operational plans, trigger benchmarks, and scaling investments.

Which of the five grab your attention, challenge you, and why?

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