Maximize the Holidays

The holidays bring exceptional opportunity for churches and organizations.

  • 29% more people attend church during the Christmas Season. (LifeWay Research and Covchurch, 2015)
  • 34% of charitable giving is done during the last three months of the year. (Source: USA Today, 2014)
  • Four out of 10 Americans (U.S.A) say that they would attend a church at Christmastime if someone invited them. (LifeWay Research, 2015).
  • 46% of people are “willing” to go to church. (Barna, 2014)
  • Google searches for ‘Church’ spike at Christmas. (Source: Google correlate, 2016)
  • 91% of Americans (U.S.A.) celebrate Christmas. (Source: LifeWay Research, 2015)

Here are three ways you can maximize the holiday season for your church.

Extravagant Experiences
Every person on the planet enjoys an experience where they feel like they belong. And not only like they belong, but where they KNOW that they matter. Therefore, take the opportunity to care for others with extravagance!

  • Be ready – prepare for every scenario prior to the holiday (i.e. communications, staffing, environments, etc.).
  • Invite people – before you can retain people, you need to invite them (i.e. commission your people, verbally, print media, digital media, etc.).
  • Lavish – make a splash with exceptional hosting (i.e. parking lot treats, entry help, seating gifts, etc.). Give your best!

Calls to Action
People are moved to action through heartfelt vision and asks. Let people know how they can make a difference and move forward.

  • Communicate impact – reveal how you are making a difference and call people to participate (i.e. discipleship next steps, giving, serving, etc.).
  • Make it easy – provide clear, timely, and convenient steps to take.
  • Represent the King – be about what matters most.

Spoil Workers
Ministry during the holidays is exceptionally demanding both spiritually and physically. And not only on workers themselves but also their families as well.

  • Do battle – be intentional to pray for, fast over, and encourage workers and their families.
  • Fuel – provide healthy foods and drinks to empower bodies and lift spirits throughout the season.
  • Appreciate – find ways to celebrate and acknowledge people’s sacrifices and efforts (i.e. send cards or a thank you video to the family, allow for flex-time, give year-end bonuses, gifts, time-off, etc.).

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