Capitalize the Dips

My father-in-law was an avid OHV Jeep driver. The terrain he drove held steep climbs and declines, smooth forests and bumpy boulder fields. He constantly adjusted the machine to conquer obstacles.

65 percent of churches are declining or plateaued. There is a huge statistical difference between 80 percent, the myth, and 65 percent, the reality.” ~ Thom Rainer

Similarly, we too need to make ongoing adjustments in our leadership. Plateaus and dips in performance are excellent signals of when to make tweaks and changes (i.e. attendance waning, staff culture deteriorating, financial changes, etc.).

Here’s how to capitalize on the dips:


  • Define what success means
  • Clarify what performance metrics lead to success (i.e. discipleship system completion, givers, etc.)
  • Set benchmarks and goals towards the mission


  • Secure the right team
  • Obtain the needed technology (i.e. Church Management Software, etc.)
  • Trigger timely communications


  • Empower the team (i.e. clarity, responsibility, authority, DNA, etc.)
  • Use the data to take action steps
  • Make it a habit (i.e. calendar, add to meetings, etc.)


  • Benefit from timely action
  • Build a culture of accountability
  • Team celebrations

Watch the webinar video:

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