Talking About Money Is Not Rocket Science

My dad made a career of figuring out how to intercept and destroy ballistic nuclear missiles. Some of his stories and the math such a feat demands were and are far beyond my understanding.

The great news is, talking about money is not rocket science. Money is taken in and money is given out.

Even though money is simple, many are confused, struggling, or in bondage. We need someone to talk straight sense. We need someone who models the way.

I was at an excellent multi-site ministry in Kansas earlier this month, Crosspoint. Lead Pastor, Andy Addis, worked in a simple illustration during a sermon using basic money principles. He did not shy around the topic. And he leveraged it to also show how salvation through Jesus is not like this (a ledger of credits and withdrawals).

The illustration did not take long, nor was it condemning or “guilting”. It was the perfect opportunity to help people take steps forward and to mention upcoming classes and available resources.

You can do the same. Help. Model. Speak the truth with understanding.

Mortarstone has excellent modern resources – online classes, small group curriculums, and more. So if you’re looking for help, to update or begin stewardship programming in your context, reach out. Their analytics bring additional insights and discipleship opportunities too.

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