Practico Mi Español & Body Language

Mi español es muy terrible.  So terrible that I sometimes practice on my dog, Mango.  Similar to people, she understands me very little.  It’s my physical clues that help her at all, such as patting my leg for her to come.

I am practicing Spanish to be able to communicate with others in this country (USA) and beyond (I AM; Go Ministries; New Life CC After School Center.  Three resources I am currently using are Spanish Butterfly on YouTube, Duolingo, and Barron’s Foreign Language Guides.

The other night, I began to pray in Spanish, but my wife lovingly asked that I use English; for it was late, and patience and energy were wearing thin with her and my six-year-old daughter.  And my daughter had not a clue what I was saying.

So my questions are, what language do use and do people understand you?  Do you talk too fast?  Do you use words that others do not understand?  Does your body language show the opposite of what you are saying?

Well, these are questions we should ask ourselves in our friendships, marriages, and workplace.

Here is a resource to review on reading body language:

One response to “Practico Mi Español & Body Language”

  1. Muy bueno amigo mio!
    Dios te bendiga!


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