Succeed In Change

“This is ridiculous,” Mark exclaimed as he stormed away from his boss. “Things change around here all the time!”

Sharla took note and knew Mark would not succeed unless she helped him. Even then, it would be up to Mark to change himself or not.

Life is full of change. Work is full of change. Emotions are full of change.

If you were Sharla, what would you say and do to help Mark?

Sharla followed Mark and said,

Changes are guaranteed in life.

Steadiness and devotion lead to peace and promise.

  • Steadiness is a mark of maturity, understanding, and character.
  • Devotion is a mark of loyalty, hard work, and good-will.
  • Peace is a desired status and station.
  • Promise is a motivator and opportunity at a more positive future.

Sharla also sought feedback and response, then reflected on her leadership practices and communications moving forward.

  • How do you live with and lead through change?
  • What can you control?
  • What can’t you control?
  • Where do you need to be steady and devoted?

Onwards and upwards.

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