Three Generosity Culture Boosting Principles for Churches

Big Vision Builds Big Generosity

Vision is all about God’s heart, purposes, and our unique involvement within.

We must know what our churches are called too. And all of our leaders must know what, and how to share these things.

Vision is contagious and energizing.

Jay Stearley

Intentional Discipleship Glorifies God

Church leaders are responsible to teach people about resource management. These include time, treasure, and talents.

We must be intentional to help people mature in stewardship. This includes communications, workshops, and regular resources.

Helping people “win” at stewardship helps the Kingdom “win” too.

Jay Stearley

Modeling Generosity is Contagious

People are not only inspired but also motivated by generosity.

We must see resources as investments in the Kingdom and not simply liabilities or a number to cover expenses; it takes investment to yield a return. We need to give our best to people, not the leftovers or pass downs.

Stewardship is a multiplier of generosity.

Jay Stearley

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