Celebrated Yet Neglected

2014nov07-3The following comes from the Harvard Business Review blog titled, “Learning Is the Most Celebrated Neglected Activity in the Workplace.”

“Take your job’s design. Does it leave space for you to process your experiences and draw a few conclusions or imagine alternatives? Do you have access to people who see the world from another perspective—or just too good old feedback? How often does your team have open conversations about your work together?

And outside of work, are you getting enough sleep, time off your smartphone, idle breaks, walks, exercise, and all those other things known to make you more productive and imaginative—let alone live a more decent existence?”

Learning takes far more than books and experience. It involves awareness, preparation, courage, space, and humility.

As friends, co-workers, leaders, parents, servants… are we helping or hurting the learning environment?  What can we do today to bolster it?

* Originally posted November 6, 2014, on StraightTalk.com

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