The Great CO:mission

By Dennis McGuire
Senior Pastor, Arcata First Baptist Church

What is the Great CO-Mission? In simple terms, it is when the Christian and the Church co-partner with

God to accomplish the mission of making disciples of all the nations. These nations are made up of various people groups that reflect the mosaic of God’s heart and God’s kingdom throughout the earth.5907566953_27c2594956_z

Following are some dynamics that we need to understand when it comes to fulfilling the Great CO-Mission. The Great CO-Mission is a mission of:

PRESENCE – Whether it be the first Great CO-Mission in Genesis CH.12:1-3 with Abraham or Jesus Great CO-Mission in Matthew 28:18-20 the first dynamic is that we are to “GO”. This highlights a spiritual principle: There is no impact without contact. If the Church is to make an impact on the nations (people groups) it requires an incarnational ministry approach. Jesus came and dwelt amongst us. Likewise, we too must do the same. We must have a presence amongst those we are called to reach.

PROCLAMATION – This means that God has called us to be a voice, not just a faint echo. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Specifically, we are called to proclaim the gospel or the good news. Social justice is good, very good, but it is not good enough. The gospel must be both practiced and proclaimed. We must dwell among them touching, teaching and training, them in the ways of the kingdom and the entrance into the kingdom comes through the gospel message.

PERSUASION – The best way to be persuasive is to be persuaded yourself. We must be persuaded that apart from Jesus people will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Spiritual persuasion is having a strong, godly and compelling influence that draws people to the King and His kingdom. The most persuasive argument is a life that has been transformed through the gospel.

POWER – In I Corinthians 2:4 Paul writes  that his “preaching came with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power.“ Wherever the kingdom is expanding you will find demonstrations of God’s power. Simply put, the world does not need a new definition of Christianity it needs a new demonstration of Christianity. The works of the kingdom (demonstrations of the power of God) were intended to bear witness to the words of the kingdom. Mark 16:20

PASSION – A passionate message must be accompanied by a passionate messenger. Much of the Church in the United States has lost its passion and therefore become lukewarm. Like Jeremiah, a fire must return to our bones. A lukewarm church will be a voiceless church. Let passion arise amongst God’s people for it is out of this holy conviction that we will turn the world right-side up.

PURPOSE – The purpose of the Great CO-Mission is to make disciples. This means that part of our partnering with God requires an investment in people. Conversion can happen in an instant, but discipleship is a life long journey. Filling seats in a church is great but it is not discipleship. Discipleship requires an intentional commitment to touching, teaching and training people in the things of God. People who are not just coming in, but are people who are also going out.

Too often we are content in just attracting followers. That must never be our goal. God measures the health and impact of a church not by its size but by its commitment to making disciples. The way we become a redeeming community is by making fully devoted disciples of Jesus who understand the spiritual principles of presence, proclamation, persuasion, power, passion, and purpose.


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