What Change Takes

By Jay Stearley

Months before the Twin Towers fell on 9/9/11 in an act of hatred and evil, I stood on top of one of them. The view and experience were grand! Now new buildings and a memorial fill that landscape, yet lives are still gone and people hurt every day because of that horrific event.

1502815626479Hatred and evil remain. And not only with others far away, but amongst ourselves – United States of America citizens! Hate crimes are on the rise (Article/Source).


Have we forgotten who we are? Do lives of all people not matter? Can we not love? Can we not listen, respect, value, and reason with one another?

Positive change that respects all life will only come by each of us owning our own part–you can control changing yourself.

Change demands four things:


Courage                Conviction                     Action                        Love

Do you have these four? For whom and for what? What steps forward will you take?

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