Tending The Wildfire In Our Midst

A wildfire recently descended upon my city. High winds, dry desert-scape, and steep mountains made it highly unpredictable, quick-moving, and difficult to attend to.

The aftermath are destroyed structures and a ravaged mountainside. Things here will never be exactly the same.

The world today has many events like COVID-19 and racism that are acting like wildfires; unpredictable, quick-moving, and difficult to attend to.

We are still awaiting all of the aftermath. Things here will never be the same either.

Before we freak out and lose hope, let’s remember jack pines and lodgepole trees. They need the forest to burn in order to crack seeds that are sealed by a resinous bond. Without fires, they don’t reproduce. Wow!

As “fires” rip through our lives, here are powerful principles and questions to consider:

  • Fires will come; how will we prepare?
  • Fires bring new growth; how can we support this new growth?
  • Fires demand a team effort; who are we partnered with?
  • Fires take creativity; how are we fueling alignment?
  • Fires end-result are unknown; how are we learning along the way?

Taking the time to address these realities will help you and your organization look like Yellowstone–stunning!


* Original art by Haley Woods, Director of Communications (excluding photos).

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