Give Yourself a $3360 Raise this Year

15 ways to improve your financial position, make a difference on earth, and ways to reap the rewards.

Food & Drink

  1. Purchase four less prepared coffees at a coffee shop = $10/mo.
  2. Eat at a restaurant four fewer times = $30/mo.
  3. Drink water instead of juice or soda five days a week = $10/mo.
  4. Eat more plant-based foods such as rice, potatoes, and beans = $20/mo.

Home & Transportation

  1. Turn out the lights = $10/mo.
  2. Run the air conditioner and/or heater less = $25/mo.
  3. Decrease home services = $15/mo.
  4. Make fewer trips out = $20/mo.

Entertainment & Expendables

  1. Get rid of television and web services = $50/mo.
  2. Purchase your outfit at a thrift shop instead of the mall = $15/mo.
  3. Go outside instead of to a movie at a theater = $10/mo.

Extra Bonus Money Over a Year

  1. Use less hair and skin products = $20/mo.
  2. Change your own oil = $25/mo.
  3. Purchase used/refurbished goods (i.e. tools, phones, etc.)  = $15/mo.
  4. Update a space with less (i.e. paint, decorations, etc.) = $10/mo.

Annualized Rewards 

  1. Sponsor a child living without clean water, education, etc. = $40/mo.
  2. Fund a reserve account for unexpected expenses or opportunities = $50/mo.
  3. Pay off debts = $50/mo.
  4. Take a vacation = $35/mo.
  5. Give 10% to a nonprofit = $28/mo.
  6. Save for the future = $30/mo.
  7. Throw a party for your friends = $15/mo.
  8. Pay for a doctor’s visit or a message = $20/mo.
  9. Cook a special meal each month $12/mo.

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