Happy Smashiversary #5

It’s a beautiful thing to be alive…to enjoy a spouse, a child growing up, working with ministries all over the globe, powder skiing, and more!

A tragic accident five years ago almost took all of this away. And it has taken this long to continue recovering and transforming.

People still wonder and ask how this event impacted me. Here are ten ways thus far:

  1. Take time every day, to enjoy something in the day
  2. Discipline helps success
  3. Listen more than you speak
  4. Seize every opportunity to love and boost others
  5. Show up
  6. We can always learn new tricks/things
  7. Risk is a part of life, don’t let it stop you
  8. Few will remember you for long, spend more time with people who care and are synergistic
  9. Control what you can to create the reality you desire
  10. God is real and works for me

If you have nearly died or lost a person you loved, what are ten impacts yoUse u’ve expected?

Knowing we can die any day, five things I’ve worked hard to do in these five years are:

  1. Write a book of stories, lessons, and faith for my young daughter and others
  2. Serve people in places few will go (i.e. Iraq, in-risk children, etc.)
  3. Boost as many people as possible (i.e. Slingshot Group, IAM, etc.)
  4. Recover and maintain health to be ready for anything and to enjoy creation
  5. Equip my daughter (10) for life through time, love, experiences, and faith

What are five things you want to make sure happen before you die?

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