Growing Life On Purpose

I exited this small bamboo complex that was home to some 15 people.  Beside me was Jimmy Seibert of Antioch Church who had just made friends with three teenagers and shared the good news of Jesus with them.  I was holding his portion of chilipapas we had helped prepare a moment ago.

“Where’s Chris! Where’s Chris!”  (of North Coast Church). He was nowhere to be seen and the area was not real safe.

“Mira! Mira!” exclaimed the mom we were visiting as she pointed to a roof top.

Chris Brown had set out to explore and capture spectacular video footage for his church family stateside to cast vision and call to action.

Upon arriving back at the child development project, the other half of our party were playing with the children and speaking with parents and project leaders. They were pouring out love and strength, basking in, and being moved by the reciprocal.

Each of my companions sincerity, gentleness, flexibility, courage, engagement to the present circumstance, filter for excellence, maturity, and faith, was beautiful to witness. They each sharpened my soul and skill, and motivate me forward.  They live life on purpose.

Who are you spending time with and are you growing as a person?  Are you living a life of purpose?

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